Today most homes enjoy the modern technology of a toilet. Many times homes have multiple toilets and they get a lot of usage.

The home centers sell repair / replacement parts that claim “one size fits all”. This clearly is a stretch of the truth. In fact most brands of toilet parts are incompatible with another. Since this is the case Ace Plumbing Co. stocks literally hundreds of different parts for most brands to have the right repair part in stock. In most cases we have the parts readily available and repair the trouble the same day.

The most common toilet problem reported is a toilet that will not stop running. A leaky toilet can waste in excess of 100,000 gallons of water in a short period of time and soon becomes very costly and harmful to the environment. Many times a leak can be detected by listening closely near the toilet for a trickling sound. This often indicates water leakage in your toilet.

Clogging toilets are the second most prevalent issue we see with toilets. Many brands from the home centers just don’t have the ability to flush properly and fall short during the flush cycle and actually clog the trap and or your sewer line. A toilet overflow can ruin a floor or ceiling. Disinfecting the germs from a toilet overflow is next to impossible especially on a hardwood floor or carpet.

All of these realistic problems have guided us to be very selective in the toilets we like to install. There are a couple of professional grade toilets we prefer that save you money and the hassle of a messy clean up each time your toilet over flows. Contact Ed at Ace Plumbers as they are Professionals and will do the best for your needs.  Call Today!

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