A sump pump is probably the most important system in your home. When pump failure occurs it’s usually too little too late often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Furnaces, water heaters, carpets, walls, or family heirlooms stored in your basement usually fall victim in a flood. Often little warning is given that a pump is going bad. Spring and fall inspections should be made to make sure your pump is at its best.

Pumps often fail when there switches wear out or they pump so often that the motor wears. This occurs frequently with lower quality pumps and a poorly designed system. Debris lodged in a pump will lead to sudden pump failure.

Ace Plumbing Co. installs only professional grade sump pump systems available with an early warning system should trouble arise with your pump system. This feature alerts you before you flood.


Battery back up pump systems are designed to take over with your storm water pumping needs when you encounter a power outage which usually occurs during a rain storm.

Home centers sell battery back up systems but there pumps don’t discharge a lot of water. This system flaw is where home center pumps often fail. A second, cause of failure in low cost back up systems are very short battery run times. This clearly won’t last you through the night.

Ace Plumbing Co. installs numerous professional grade battery back up systems that last up to 36 hours of continuous run time. In fact our systems will run your refrigerator at the same time. In extreme conditions we offer whole house back up generators which run off natural gas and propane. Contact Ace Professionals Today! We serve the greater DuPage County and Will County area including, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Darien, Brookfield, Oak Brook, and all surrounding suburbs.

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