The most common cause of a sewer line blockage is from tree roots. Any tree in the immediate area of your drainage system can cause you problems. Moisture and nutrients from a sewer pipe are natural foods for a tree. Over the years of tree growth, the roots grow in the direction of the sewer and seek out any cracks or small openings in the joints of the pipe.

A tree will grow a tap root right into your sewer. As the tree and the root grow healthy and larger it restricts the drain flow. Once the invasion of roots occurs, other debris such as toilet waste is deposited in your sewer. Often you will hear a gurgling sound from your toilet bowl or see water backing up from the floor drain. Clay tiles are most commonly affected by this type of blockage. Once a sewer is clogged, it more often than not, requires a heavy duty drain cleaning machine that attempts to cut through the tough roots.

HELPFUL HINTS: Sewer blockages often show warning signs of a pending clog with a sluggish flushing toilet, a floor drain making a gurgling noise or water backup from a floor drain. If you are having these problems now is the time to call your Ace Professional and get your sewer back in good working order.

Other causes of sewer trouble are due to foreign material such as gravel or stone dropped into a sewer line or pipes are commonly found to be misaligned and or broken due to improper installation.


Drain lines and sewers can fill with sludge type debris usually caused by regular abuse and or a long standing blockage. Even heavy duty rod machines are ineffective in clearing up these conditions. Ace Plumbing Co. offers a unique service in restoring flow where other plumbers have failed to do so. We have the HYDRO-JETTING equipment and training to customize to each specific type of clogging debris and will restore flow to your system.


Over the years we have encountered many application where pipe pulling / pushing has been a real money saver. Obstacles such as swimming pools, garages, graves, trees and beautiful landscaping have remained undisturbed using this pipe restoration technique.

This pipe replacement technique utilizes the dilapidated host pipe and we pull or push a new plastic sewer through the old. Some excavation is required for the application however minimal restoration is needed at a cost savings to you.


Job sites where excavating is out of the question such as hard to reach locations or conflicting underground utilities cure in place technology is sure to save the day .

This process utilizes a felt saturated in epoxy is inserted into the old host pipe and hardens restoring the original pipe. Cracks, holes, even entire separations can be repaired. A spot repair can be made perhaps under a concrete floor or street where access is difficult. This repair is structural and will last over 100 years.

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