Conventional gas water heaters use propane or natural gas and burn it to heat the water. Units range in size from 7 to over 100 gallons per unit and store the heated water while maintaining the temperature setting.

In the heating process minerals naturally found in water build up on the inside of the storage tank. This build up increases energy, usage decreases water storage capacity, and will eventually cause the tank to leak. Ace Plumbing offers a service to flush out this mineral build up. Once a tank leaks, a replacement is probably in order. Our team installs only professional grade water heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Our installation techniques have shown our heaters last about double the average life expectancy of most heaters. Contact Ace Professionals today!


Energy usage has become more efficient over the years thanks to green technologies in conventional storage style heaters. Helpful hint: Water heaters should be flushed once a year to remove the scale build up which naturally occurs during the heating process. This simple maintenance will prolong the life of your water heater.


Tank less water heaters sometimes referred to as “on demand heaters” differ from a conventional water heater. Demand units don’t utilize a storage tank. This feature reduces energy costs. Tank less heaters provide the hot water at a slower rate of only 2 – 5 gallons per minute so if you’re going green this is for you. Contact Ace Professionals Today!

Helpful hint: An insulating blanket and foam pipe insulation properly installed on your water heater is an easy to it yourself way to save energy, normally lost through your conventional gas / electric water heater.

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