Garbage disposals are a great way to get rid of debris left over from that great meal. A disposal has a series of chopping blades designed to shred the waste small enough to go down the drain without clogging the waste line.

Care needs to be taken to ensure this shredding process actually occurs. Over time the blades dull and the electric motor wears out. Ace Plumbing Co. stocks numerous units with various features such as auto reversing in case of a jamb with warranties available up to seven years. Contact Ace Professionals today!

Helpful hints: Run cold water before, during and after each use. This will help ensure all the debris introduced for shredding leaves the disposer and goes down the drain. A bad odor emitting from your disposer usually indicates food particles are not entering the drain pipe and are remaining in the disposal. Egg shells shredded for 1-2 minutes will help keep your blades sharp for future chopping.

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