Your home or business is your investment. When heavy rains are forecast many people do a lot of worrying about a serious and costly threat to this investment.

Ground water, sewer water and rain water are all at their peak levels during a rain storm and they want to find a way to get into your basement.

City sewers become overloaded and the FLOODING begins. Once the overload begins all you can do is sit back and watch as your property is damaged piece by piece. Furnaces, water heaters, carpets and family heirlooms, even concrete foundations are ruined. Insurance companies usually will not honor damage claims and often will cancel their policy with you. This type of water back up also creates a serious health hazard and the loss and damage to expensive and irreplaceable items is painful. We serve the greater DuPage County area including  Burr Ridge, Barrington, Brookfield, Oak Brook, and all surrounding suburbs, including Will County.


The good news is plumbers and engineers have been working for years in solving these problems. Ace Plumbing & Sewer installs only proven systems that provide you with absolute protection against sewer and water back up. In fact our systems, work automatically whether your home or a sleep. Even if a power outage occurs our systems are still on the job protecting your investment.

Our flood control system gives you peace of mind and a good night rest, knowing you made a great choice with Ace Plumbing. Contact Ace Professionals Today!

A sewerage backflow into the building/house will happen if a stoppage or similar problem in the municipal/street sewer, or septic system occurs causing the drainage water level to rise above the top of the building/house drain. It is under these conditions that the back water valve works.

As the sewerage backflow occurs the air trapped in the expansion chamber is compressed by sewerage backup. The pressure in the expansion chamber causes the knife gate to rise until the 4” or 6” drainage opening is completely sealed. This action occurs with a 9” head of drainage water for a 4” valve and a 14” for a 6” valve. When complete closure is obtained in the valve, all backflow is prevented from entering the building or structure.

Once the backflow subsides and the drainage water level returns to normal, the counterweight atop the expansion chamber forces the trapped air out of the chamber and into the drainage line, allowing the knife gate to lower to a full open position. Now the back water valve is ready to guard against future backflow situations.

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